COVID-19 RGB Matrix with CircuitPython

I built a scrolling COVID-19 Tracking RGB using Adafruit’s new MatrixPortal M4, CircuitPython, and the API from The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic


The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic has a simple API with a robust data set that is published under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license.

We collect, cross-check, and publish COVID-19 data from 56 US states and territories in three main areas: testing, patient outcomes, and, via The COVID Racial Data Tracker, racial and ethnic demographic information. We compile these numbers to provide the most complete picture we can assemble of the US COVID-19 testing effort and the outbreak’s effects on the people and communities it strikes.

The Covid Tracking Project at The Atlantic

CircuitPython Code

The below code is based on the: Example: Simple two-line text scroller